Welcome to Liminal Spaces Mystery School

Healing & Growth in Transitional Times

What is the Liminal Spaces Mystery School?

It is a private community for current or former students enrolled in the school. To register for the classes please visit www.liminalspacesnc.com

The Liminal Space Mystery School offers a creative space for those seeking to explore personal and spiritual development and those who are seeking formal training in the Ignis Spirae Tradition of Wicca. 

Here, students from the Mystery School courses gather in community, conversation, and shared experiences in a safe, supportive environment. 

We strive to create a dynamic, evolving framework that gives practitioners more options to pursue their individual paths, in a larger collaborative community. Now that you have enrolled in the Mystery School you have an opportunity to develop your craft, align with natural forces, enhance your psychic abilities, and seek self-actualization, transformation, and empowerment. 

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